Nye 2002 Assessed Sites

Former Beatty Barrick Bullfrog Mine

Former Beatty Barrick Bullfrog Mine (018-621-02 and 018-621-03)
The site consists of two contiguous parcels (14.05 and 67.06 acres) for a total of 81.11 gross acres.  The site was used as operations support for the adjacent Barrick Bullfrog Mine from 1989 until 1998.  After the gold mine’s decommissioning, Barrick completed excavation and disposal of hydrocarbon contaminated soil  Barrick transferred ownership of the property to the Beatty Economic Development Corporation (BEDC)  in October 2004.

A Phase I ESA and aerial photography were completed for the site.  Additionally, a renewable energy workshop was held, a Preliminary Engineering Report on water system improvements was prepared, and a year-long study of wind energy potential was conducted.  Studies indicated the site was ready for redevelopment with the potential for wind energy development.   There were six buildings with a total of 40,000 square feet of floor space on the site, which were removed in 2012, leaving the concrete slabs as the only remaining site development.

Renewable energy developers have expressed interest in the former Bullfrog Mine site to develop Nye County’s wind and solar resource potential for generating power.  Nye County and the BEDC are working with developers to identify and implement needed infrastructure upgrades necessary to support potential renewable energy applications at the site.