RDSBC Members

The RDSBC was formed to address the common concerns of Esmeralda, Inyo, Lincoln, Nye, and White Pine Counties.  Mineral County joined the Coalition in 2015, and the Duckwater Shoshone Tribe joined the Coalition in 2018.  While each member has their own strengths and weaknesses, they share a common vision for the future.

The individual Coalition Member webpages provide additional information pertinent to future development of the Brownfield sites in each area.  The Esmeralda, Inyo, Lincoln, Mineral, Nye, White Pine, and Duckwater pages are divided into three parts:


    • Community Description/Overview – provides information on the history, demographics, physical description, infrastructure, and planning initiatives.
    • Renewable Energy Factors – provides a brief description of the renewable energy resources in the area and a table listing load serving utility information.
    • RDSBC Brownfields Properties – describes the sites assessed for each respective Coalition member and the redevelopment opportunities for those sites.