Community involvement is critical to a successful Brownfields program!

The Coalition is dedicated to ensuring community participation throughout the implementation of its Brownfields Program.  Engaging as many members of the community is an intrinsic element of the program.  Local municipalities, universities, planning commissions, health departments, and community members are all encouraged and welcome to participate and assist.

Site Promotion and Community Outreach Meetings

The Coalition is committed to obtaining public input and maintaining public involvement throughout the project. When Brownfield studies identify environmental issues, the community’s needs and decisions regarding assessment, cleanup, and reuse are essential to balancing associated benefit and costs.  Community meetings will be held for each cleanup/reuse plan in the affected community and County-wide meetings will be held for the area-wide plan.

These meetings will be scheduled, when possible, during planned meeting times of County, City, and Town Boards, as the Counties involved in this Coalition are rural and residents may have to travel long distances to attend the meetings.

During the public meetings, interested parties will be requested to provide contact information, particularly email addresses, in order for the Coalition to provide regular updates regarding progress made with the Brownfields Program.

Quarterly Progress Meetings

The RDSBC held an initial planning meeting on September 16, 2011, to review the Brownfields Program, Nye County’s past involvement in the EPA and State Brownfields Programs, and the proposed RDSBC project activities.

The Coalition meets on a quarterly basis to review completed activities and next steps.  Quarterly meetings were held and agendas and meeting notes are posted. Adobe Acrobat PDF versions can be downloaded by clicking on the dates listed in the sidebar to the right.

Local, Regional, and National Brownfields Conferences

Coalition member representatives will also participate in local, regional, and national Brownfields conferences to provide information on the program and gather insights from other Brownfields communities.

Conferences attended by RDSBC representatives have included the:

  • 2023 Brownfield National Conference in Detroit, Michigan
  • 2023 Nevada Brownfields Workshop in Henderson and Carson City, Nevada
  • 2023 Center for Creative Land Recycling Workshop in Carson, California
  • 2022 Brownfield Nation Conference in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • 2019 Brownfield National Conference in Los Angeles, California
  • 2018 California Land Recycling Conference in Carson, CA
  • 2017 Brownfields National Conference in Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2016 EPA Western Brownfield Conference in San Francisco, CA
  • 2016 EPA Region 9 Brownfields Redevelopment Planning:  Utilizing New and Existing EPA Grant Resources
  • 2015 National EPA Brownfields Conference in Chicago, IL
  • 2014 State Superfund and Brownfields Managers Symposium in Denver, CO
  • 2014 Center for Creative Land Recycling Brownfields Workshop in Las Vegas, NV
  • 2013 EPA Region 9 Brownfields Conference in Atlanta, GA
  • 2012 EPA Region 9 Brownfields Conference in Oakland CA
  • 2012 Nevada Association of Counties Conference in Carson City, NV
  • 2011 Global Solar Summit in Henderson, NV