Nye 2005 Assessed Sites

Ray Tenant Lane East

Ray Tenant Lane East (008-271-16)
Although historical records review indicated the property has never been developed, evidence of ‘desert dumping’ and prospecting activity was observed at the site.  Numerous dirt roads cross the site, but no structures are present.  The property has been owned by the Town of Tonopah since 2004, when it was quitclaimed to the Town by Nye County.  The Phase I ESA was completed in December 2009.  No contaminants were identified during the Phase I ESA.

The Ray Tenant Lane East property consists of a single 35.71 acre parcel of undeveloped land that is currently vacant.  No cleanup was required, and the property is ready for reuse.  The Town of Tonopah is working with the Nevada Rural Housing Authority to develop the site for use as workforce housing to help alleviate a local workforce housing shortage.