Nye 2005 Assessed Sites

Beatty Municipal Airport

Beatty Municipal Airport (018-021-02 and 018-021-07)
Two parcels make up this site.  The property was developed as an airport prior to 1949, with a portion of the site developed as a mining camp prior to 1954.  The mining camp was subsequently abandoned.  A Phase I ESA was completed in June 2009, which found an unregulated underground storage tank as well as possible contamination from asbestos.  Further environmental assessment was recommended.  In 2012, Nye County Public Works removed the identified underground storage tanks.  Resulting soil tests revealed no petroleum contamination from the tanks.

The property is a general aviation airport and hosts Great Basin Soaring, a small office building, and a private aircraft hangar. The County is exploring opportunities to expand aviation and associated commercial services at the airport.