Nye 2002 Assessed Sites

Calvada Eye

Calvada Eye (042-071-07)
Although the majority of the 33.04-acre site was vacant and historically undeveloped, portions of the property were previously developed with two office buildings, two man-made ponds, parking areas, an eight unit multi-family residential building, mature landscaping, foot paths, a pedestrian bridge and access roads.   A Phase I ESA was completed in 2004 and suspected asbestos containing materials were documented in the report findings.  A Reuse Plan was completed for the property in 2005.  Asbestos abatement was completed prior to demolition of the two office buildings in 2009.

The site currently includes two recently refurbished man-made ponds with associated foot paths and pedestrian bridges as well as a permanent buildings for Nye County Administration and Health and Human Services operations.  A temporary office building houses the Nuclear Waste Repository Project Office.  Nye County proposed to consolidate County services at the site and intends to continue utilizing the property for County offices.  Development is currently underway for an office facility intended to house Nye County Public Works, Planning, and other departments.