Nye 2002 Assessed Sites

Former Gabbs Recreation Center

The building was constructed in the 1940s at the Tonopah Army Air Force Base and served as a theater and dance hall for the base. When the base was dismantled, the building was moved to Gabbs and reconstructed in the early 1950s for use as a recreation hall. A fire destroyed much of the building. A modified Phase I Environmental Site Assessment was completed in 2003, which found asbestos contamination. Nye County applied to the State of Nevada for a Targeted Site Assessment Grant, through which an additional assessment revealed heavy metal and asbestos contamination. The site underwent asbestos abatement prior to demolition. Heavy metals were also addressed during the remediation activities. The building was demolished in 2007. In 2009, a concrete pad was completed for the new building, which was constructed in 2010. Final renovations to the interior of the new building were completed in 2013. The new building now serves as the Town of Gabbs Community Center. Redevelopment as a community center and meeting hall was completed successfully. The facility will serve as a community center into the future.