Nye 2005 Assessed Sites

Former Sandy Bottom Golf Course

Former Sandy Bottom Golf Course (001-151-01)
The site consists of a former public golf course, a former rodeo area, and a shooting range with a restroom building and storage building.  Review of historical information indicates the site was undeveloped prior to development as a golf course in the 1960s.  The site ceased operation as a golf course in 2001.  A Phase I ESA completed in June 2009 found evidence of punctured and leaking drums of unknown content as well as potential lead contamination.  Approximately 17 55-gallon drums were observed on the site containing numerous holes associated with shooting activities.  The drums were removed by the Nye County Public Works Department in 2014 and transferred to an appropriate waste facility.

The site is currently in use as a shooting range and model airplane flying area.  A restroom building, storage building, and trap house are present.  Additional site development includes two unpaved roads, a playground, fencing, and earthen berms associated with the shooting range.  Further assessment was recommended prior to redevelopment due to the presence of stained soil in the vicinity of the leaking drums.  Sampling for lead contamination in the soil near the shooting range was also recommended.