Nye 2005 Assessed Sites

Gabbs Airport

Gabbs Airport (001-161-01)
Based on a review of historical sources, the subject site was developed as an airport in the mid-1940s. The site was listed as a closed solid waste landfill facility under the name Gabbs Airport Dump. A Phase I ESA, completed June 2009, recommended further environmental assessment.

The Gabbs Airport is a public-use airport. The site includes an earthen runway, airplane hangar, beacon light, and electrical building. A portion of the site is also used for storage of salt/sand mixture and roadway sand by the Nevada Department of Transportation. The property is listed as having no cleanup activities completed. Periodically, Nye County Public Works completes weed removal at the airport and regrades the runway. These activities will be completed again in 2014. Nye County Public Works is planning on removing the World War II era beacon tower and beacon due to safety concerns. The site has been submitted to the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems Unmanned Aircraft Systems Program Management Office for use in future unmanned aerial vehicle testing and operations.