Nye 2005 Assessed Sites

Logan Field Road

Logan Field Road (008-261-45)
The property is primarily undeveloped land with a concrete building foundation located near the southwestern portion of the site.  The construction date, demolition date, and former use is unknown.  The Phase I ESA was completed December 2009.  There was evidence that a septic system and heating oil tank may have been present on the site, but there were no recognized environmental conditions.

The site currently contains a building on the west edge of the property previously utilized by the Nye County Ambulance Service, a paved driveway for the building, and a paved driveway/entrance street for the Tonopah Senior Center.  The property is surrounded by undeveloped land, municipally developed land, and a medical facility.  The site is located near the Town’s central commercial area and is mostly undeveloped.  The former ambulance building was remodeled and converted to office space for the Change the World with Love Foundation when the site was leased to the organization in 2011.  Change the World with Love, Nye County, and the Town of Tonopah are exploring options for developing this property as an assisted living facility to support the adjacent Nye County Regional Medical Center.