Mt. Whitney Fish Hatchery

The 40 acre site was purchased by the citizens of Inyo County in 1915 and donated to the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) for the construction of the Mt. Whitney Fish Hatchery, which was completed in 1917.  The site was scheduled for closure on June 30, 1996.  However, due to local and statewide opposition, the CDFG recognized the need to preserve the hatchery.  The Hatchery is no longer maintained by the CDFG and is under the stewardship of the Friends of Mt. Whitney Fish Hatchery.  The site consists of the primary structure, nine small residences, and six commercial buildings.

The redevelopment vision for the Mt. Whitney Fish Hatchery is to preserve the historical significance of the hatchery facility and its place in the history of Inyo County and California and make the site a community event center for Owens Valley.  Redevelopment goals also include use of the site for seasonal housing as well as commercial facilities.  A goal is to provide the public with an interpretation of the historical significance of the hatchery, knowledge of the hatchery’s function and an understanding of the property’s distinctive natural resources.