Pahrump Utility Company, Inc.

Founded in 1995, the Pahrump Utility Company Inc. (PUCI) originally operated a sewage treatment plant for two local subdivisions.  The utility subsequently expanded and in 2002 was certified for water service.

A Phase I ESA encompassing the 19 sites was completed in July 2012. Suspected contaminants included pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and other constituents of concern associated with wastewater treatment operations in addition to chlorine and other chemicals associated with water conditioning and disinfection.  The Phase I ESA found no evidence to warrant a Phase II ESA.

The 19 PUCI parcels assessed under the RDSBC grant are located throughout the Pahrump Valley.  These parcels include lift stations, active and backup well stations, and above ground water holding tanks currently owned and operated by the PUCI.  The parcels range in size from 0.01 acres to 40 acres; however, by omitting the 40 acre parcel, the average parcel size is approximately 0.5 acres.

All parcels will be used for utility purposes.  The 40-acre site has been zoned and designated to be developed as a regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, which could process up to five million gallons of wastewater per day.  Expansion of the utility will support new businesses and will foster future economic development within Nye County.

Pahrump Utility Company Inc. Parcels
Parcel Name APN
Manse Tank 047-041-27
Manse Well 1 047-021-27
CAAS Well 2 047-021-21
Well 3 045-101-62
Well 3b 045-101-61
Artesia Water Tank 043-121-11
Well 4 043-121-13
Well 5 043-062-12
Well 6 045-151-30
Bowman Well 7 045-101-57
Bowman Well 8 045-101-58
Bowman Well 9 045-101-54
Pleasant Vly Well 1 044-561-29
Pleasant Vly Tank & Well 2 044-561-26
Sewer Plant 600 k 045-171-72
Future Sewer Site 045-361-05
Artesia Lift Station 045-171-65
Pleasant Vly Lift Station 044-891-08
Burson Ranch Lift Station 045-551-09