Nye 2005 Assessed Sites

Ray Tenant Lane West

Ray Tenant Lane West (008-271-15)
Review of historical sources indicated the site has been historically undeveloped, save for graded areas in the eastern and northwestern portions of the property.  A Phase I ESA was completed in December 2009.  The assessment concluded the site may have asbestos containing building materials present.  Further assessment of those materials was recommended.

The property consists of a single, undeveloped parcel of land totaling 13.63 acres in Tonopah, Nevada.  The site is mostly vacant with ‘desert dumping’ debris located across the property.  There are numerous dirt roads that cross the site, but no structures.  The former Tonopah municipal landfill and former Tonopah Shooting Range are located to the south of the site.  It was recommended that possible asbestos containing building materials on site be assessed.  The Town of Tonopah is working with the Nevada Rural Housing Authority to develop the site for use as workforce housing to help alleviate a local workforce housing shortage.