Nye 2005 Assessed Sites

North Stephanie Street

North Stephanie Street (028-251-18)
An abandoned mobile home trailer is located on the site and has been present since sometime after 1994.  Prior to 1994, the site was vacant and undeveloped.  The property is currently owned by the Nye County Sheriff.  Information provided indicates that previous tenants used the property for the manufacture of methamphetamine.  A Phase I ESA was completed May 2008 and found possible contamination of soil and groundwater from chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine.  Further environmental assessment was recommended and a Phase II ESA was completed January 2009.  No cleanup activities were necessary based on the results of laboratory analysis of environmental samples collected at the site.

The conditions and events surrounding assessment of this site prompted Nye County to work proactively with the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection and the State Legislature to develop a framework for future regulatory oversight and cleanup guidelines for methamphetamine laboratories. The site is currently vacant residential land and is ready for reuse.  The Sheriff’s Office intends to sell the property for future redevelopment.